Dream Kitchen Wish List

by Linda Cappello Broker, GRI, ABR 08/11/2019

If your dream kitchen space is one that is used to for both large gatherings and small intimate dinners, then think about what you would want to include. The layout has everything to do with how you use the space. An entertaining kitchen may not be a chef's kitchen, or it may fit both the social butterfly and the serious iron chef. Depending on your available kitchen space, you will need to prioritize your wish list and possibly compromise depending on your other needs and who else will be using the area regularly. Designing, planning, and deciding is the process of acquiring that dream kitchen space.

Morning, Noon and Night Kitchen

When you think about the amount of traffic your kitchen seeing throughout a day, you realize it's one of the busiest and most used rooms in the house. Start with the morning hours before everyone rushes off to school. You may want a coffee bar, especially if you spend your retirement fund at local coffee shops and drive-throughs. What about your blender for protein shakes or fruit smoothies; or the toaster crisping up that bagel or toast? Easy access to appliances and cookware but hidden when not in use is a must. Pullout shelves that lift to counter height are intelligent and practical. Having a 6-8 burner gas stove with griddle would make breakfast brunch gathering easy to provide all the hotcakes you would need. Many cooktops have large drawers right underneath where the pots and pans sit for easy access and tidy organization. Wall ovens let you cook dinner and bake dessert at the same time, and are also useful for keeping food warm until meal time when you are hosting a large gathering. The wall oven is located higher then free-standing ovens and reduces the stress on your back when retrieving a heavier item from the oven. 

Keeping it All Clean and Stocked

Having a farmhouse sink is a beautiful big space to wash up not only your bigger pots and the awkward jelly roll, but also that vast stack of Sunday dinner plates. Drawer dishwashers are excellent for when you want to run a smaller load and not waste water, and energy. Smart refrigerators these days can keep a grocery list for you, check the current inventory when you are out and about and have adjustable zones for when you have more produce than deli or need a bit more freezer space. Walk-in pantries are great for storing bulk items when on sale or for a party. They can also house the small appliances that you use only on occasion. 

Find a few open house events in your area this week and take a tour to see what kitchen items you cannot live without.

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